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169 Willowdale Ave., Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-229-4454
Fax: 416-229-6480
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"Giving our Realtors the resources, ideas and support to sharply increase their productivity - and their commissions," is the primary goal at Partners.

Potential energy. It's in everything, waiting to be released. Releasing potential energy. Isn't that what you'd like to do for your real estate career - find a way to become more successful, to work less and achieve more, to plug into a new power source? The hard part is finding that power source, someone who can help you become more productive.

You're good at what you do. You just need someone to make a difference in your career.

At Partners we work to help agents move to the next level of productivity, helping them discover the difference between working hard and working smart. We want to help YOU energize your real estate career.

The goal at Partners is to enhance what you're doing now with support. Information, ways to more efficiently manage your operations with less effort and more results, is the key to being a referral magnet. Those are the secrets you'll be privy to when you join the Partners team. Bottom line, we can show you how to put more commissions in your pocket while working less and enjoying your career more. Isn't that what everyone wants?

Visit our web site to find out more about the services and systems that has helped the Partners team build successful real estate careers.


June 1990 seems like yesterday. That was when I left a major Canadian Bank after an 18 ½ year career and joined you, in a new Real Estate company called "Partners". As scary as that was at the start of a Recession, I can honestly say I've never looked back [...]

-Marty Burke, F.I.C.B.


It's hard to believe that 10+ years have passed since I joined Partners. It was the hardest decision that I had to make but definitely the best.

Al has always been there to support me business-wise and also with personal challenges that have come up over the years and I can't thank you enough. I look forward to another 10+ years together [...]

-Melany Moss


In 2008 I decided to search for a Brokerage that would help me to bring my business to the next level. I spoke to many Brokers only to realize that their primary goal to "sign me as an Agent to their Brokerage". I was given many empty promises. In December of that year I interviewed with Royal LePage Partners and had many questions all of which were answered to my satisfaction [...]

-Collette Zimmerman


I've been a real estate Agent since October 1991. When I was first looking to join a brokerage I was told by agents and brokerages alike: "you need to join "PARTNERS". Well I listened, and guess what? I am still with Al at Royal LePage Partners after almost 20 years [...]

-Peter Kunz


Dear Al,

I want to thank you for all your patience and guidance with regards to my new career in real estate. Without your help, I would not have survived in this profession. As I have said before and will say again, you can get your license but what do you do with it, once you have it. Without the support and direction, I would not have been able to achieve my goal [...]

-Donna Khaner


I've been a real estate Agent since October 1991. When I was first looking to join a brokerage I was told by agents and brokerages alike: "you need to join "PARTNERS". Well I listened, and guess what? I am still with Al at Royal LePage Partners after almost 20 years. Al Kroch's innovative marketing programs have always been ahead of the times, and his passion in assuring the success of his Agents is remarkable [...]

-Elaine Harris


I was licensed over 25 years ago. Had it not been for Al Kroch, I would not have had a successful career in real estate all these years. As a matter of fact, I would have quit real estate after a year of running around and getting no-where. He alone was responsible for transforming me into a good and lasting agent [...]

-Veronika Zyss


Joining Royal LePage Partners in 2004 was the perfect choice. Al is always available for guidance and support, which has greatly added to my success in Real Estate. He is very well known as an excellent "trainer" and anyone either new to the profession or looking to boost their career to the next level should consider joining Partners [...]

-Marci Koifman



With my 24 years of Real Estate experience - if anyone were to ask me about Real Estate training I would have to say that you are the BEST!! You are always available to listen and give your opinion and your support and advice, to me personally over the past 10 years ~ as a member of your Partners Family, has been invaluable! [...]

-Amelia Ipp


Thank you for the tremendous support you have shown me over the last 29 Years. I could not do what I have done without you. There are times in this business when we at times fall (thank goodness not often) and we need to be put back together again. When this does happen, it's good to know you are there and have my back [...]

-Steve Gerlock


Dear Al,

The results show that being at Partners has maximized my success through presenting strong opportunities to close each sale, whether it is a listing or offer presentation. Your training, tools, programs, systems and strategies have allowed me to stand apart from my competition and to create a WOW factor [...]

-Vicky Cioci


Partners offers the ideal base for agents in today's market.

Al has developed a comprehensive marketing plan, just like a menu at a restaurant, it is up to each agent to choose the tools they find appropriate for the situation at hand [...]

-Malcolm Austin


As a Real Estate Broker with over 25 years in our business I have had an excellent 'total office experience' at Partners.

I met Alan Kroch and found him to be very helpful with what I wanted to accomplish. What also impressed was/is the warm and efficient staff starting with administration and continuing on with the Agents who said "anything that I can help you with at any time, just ask [...]

-Leonard Atkin

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